Below you can find the success stories of some of our regular clients.

Mike Huges

Within just a few months, ForumLinkBuilding has helped me take my business to an absolutely new level. My company offers high quality, yet at the same time affordable article writing services to a broad array of clients. But for the past 3 years or so, business was rather dismal. Even ridiculously lower prices could not help sales increase, if you DO NOT HAVE NEW VISITORS!

The situation continued to be the same until I saw an email from forumlinkbuilding.com in my inbox. Frankly speaking, I was skeptical about what to expect, especially after reading so many articles about SEO, where almost all "SEO experts" were of the opinion that link building services mean nothing to Google after the recent updates.

Stanley provided me a very professional and logical explanation on why those "experts" are wrong. Even if Google denies the value of links from forums and blogs, these links STILL WORK. Believe me, I relied on Stanley's explanations, and his compelling proof that this service works, and ordered the Gold package. Within just a few months I noticed my rankings increase for almost all keywords. Moreover, I now receive clients not only from Google, but also from the forums and blogs where my links were placed! Thank you ForumLinkBuilding... and THANK YOU Stanley!

Mike Huges
Business owner | Europe
Email Mike at articlewriting.mikehuges@gmail.com

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Lisa Evans

"www.forumlinkbuilding.com provided me with the results I was looking for - in less than 2 months! Now almost all of my keywords are on top 10 results on Google! Most of them even rank amongst the top 3 positions! Links from all the forums relevant to my market, in combination with content updates provided me with these great results. And best of all - I do not need to order any more packages! Just a one-time payment was all that it took to give me what I was searching for. Highly recommend!

We are in top 10 for the following keywords:

prestige tracking
korea post tracking
ems tracking usa
japan post tracking
thailand post
ems japan
japan ems
thailand post tracking
ems china tracking
speed post india"

Lisa Evans
Website Owner | Poland
Email Lisa at emsplanetteam@gmail.com

SEO is an investment, not expense. Invest in your business today.

Richard Ryan

About 3 years ago*, Forumlinkbuilding.com worked on a SEO campaign for a real estate lead generation website that I own. Thanks to their work, I have been able to completely turn off my adwords and yahoo paid search campaigns and rely solely on organic clicks. The leads are higher quality and best of all, they are FREE! I am saving in excess of $10,000 US per month thanks to their hard work.

Richard Ryan
Business owner | USA
Email Richard at fb.toprated@gmail.com
This proves that our links stay alive for 3 YEARS and more! Richard continues to use our services for all of his sites and achieves Top placements on Google for more & more of his targeted keywords.
Posted on DP forum by Richard at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/...

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Anita Clark

As a Realtor in a competitive market it was important that I get my online footprint established quickly. After reviewing several companies and services, I was sold on Forumlinkbuilding.com because of their prompt attention, effective solutions, and invaluable service. If you are looking for quality backlinks at an affordable price, then Forum Link Building should be your company of choice.

Anita Clark
Realtor | USA | www.anitaclarkrealtor.com

Keyword phrases in Google Top10: "Warner Robins Realtor" and "Warner Robins Real Estate"

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Brian O'Connor

Just wanted to note that thanks to Forumlinkbuilding.com today we hold top rankings for very competitive search terms such as games, free games, online games, etc on Google which drive almost Half a Million Visitors to Our Site per Month.

We believe their work had a large part in our success and anyone serious about going after competitive terms should consider forum link building as part of their strategy. Now we promote our second site using Forumlinkbuilding.com services.

Brian O'Connor
usiness owner | USA

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Mery Jason
+1 646 5482 ***
Please ask us before calling this client.
I tried many SEO companies and didn’t like the results, so I was very skeptical about placing an order with Forumlinkbuilding.com first. But after reading few reviews I decided to give them a try. And I must tell that I was very surprised with the results & services I received. Reports are perfect. And most of all, in just a month we had to hire few more sales people to be able to answer all new incoming calls from our clients!

Thank you guys!

Mery Jason
Marketing specialist | USA

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Doug Kelly
I am the president and CEO of Nothing But SEO, LLC. We made a decision several months ago to use Forumlinkbuilding.com as a provider for our own one-way link building to assist in boosting our popularity and search engine rankings. First, let me say that they do everything they say they will and more. The professionals I worked with and was in contact with made changes I asked for, were extremely polite and very knowledgeable. Their Forum Link Building service is extremely effective and I recommend it to everyone!

That being said, the service is invaluable. The links, without question helped boost our rankings for targeted keyword phrases and they keep on moving up. Oh yea, we are a very real company, and if you would like to talk to me or one of the other folks in our SEO Agency about Forumlinkbuilding.com and their one-way link building service, please feel free to email me at dougnothingbutseo@gmail.com. We're real and they are too!

We will be adding Forumlinkbuilding.com to our list of affiliates that we recommend for your business. There is no better value for the price.

Doug Kelly
President & CEO | USA

SEO is an investment, not expense. Invest in your business today.

Ken Mabry
+1 240 383 692**
Please ask us before calling this client.

FYI, even though I only purchased the 100 forums package for a very new site with an exiting PR of 0.  Now I'm ranking #2 at Google for one of my main keyword phrases.

Small business owner, USA

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Edwin Delgado
Edraw Soft
+49 451 2***
Please ask us before calling this client.

I've been on the online business for many years and own several websites. I came upon their service in Digital point forum and decided to try them out to see how effective their service really was. I have to say that their link building service produced greater results then I originally expected.

After I had that great experience with this company, I now use them for every new project I have. Forumlinkbuilding.com get my websites high on serps and their customer support is top of the line. I can always contact them by email or IM and they always respond very fast.

I'm truly glad I found their service. I don't normally give testimonials but I made an exception here because I believe they deserve it.

Keep up the good work guys.

Edwin Delgado
Business Owner | www.edrawsoft.com

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Christian Davis 
Finally I found a SEO company that really does what it promises. It's been 3,5 years since I placed my first order and all backlinks are still alive! That's really impressive!

Christian Davis 
Marketing Director | Johnson Fire

Paul Fish
After reading testimonials by other satisfied customers, I decided to give this company a try.

At first I was a bit skeptical but decided to take a chance. I am very pleased and satisfied by the work they have done for me. Very professional in the way they do their business, the way they present what they will do for you, the very well organized follow up reports explain what they completed for you.

They do exactly what they say and the results are great.

Paul Fish 
Owner | Veolia Environmental Services

Kate Ross
First, you gave me a hope. Later you gave me high rankings & high targeted traffic. Now you are giving me steadily growing business. Thank you!

Kate Ross 
Marketing Manager | Global Logic

Kirk Wilson
We are still in the early stages (only 3 months) of using Forum Link Building Service, but it has streamlined our business already. We are excited to see how our traffic increases within 3 more months.

Kirk Wilson
Advanced Processing & Imaging

Alan Smith
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the wonderful service as well as support. I'm really amazed to see the owners and employees of the company so passionate for the results I get.

Alan Smith
Marketing Department Director | Ariba

Dave Sanders
Thanks to your efforts I got the top spot in SERPs for my main 3 the most competitive keywords and now receive so huge traffic to my site than I never expected to have. Thank you, guys!

Dave Sanders
Arryx | Chicago, Illinois

David Brown
In my 5 years as a SEO & Marketing manager in SellMoreNow.com I have come across many SEO companies & different kind of link building services and investing in Forum Link Building Service was a no-brainer.

David Brown
SEO Specialist | Best Buy

Karl Winot
www.ForumLinkBuilding.com is the best all around SEO & link building services I've ever seen. We are very pleased with it's quality and the support we receive.

Karl Winot
CEO | Comodo

Jeremy McMillan
I didn't expect that Forum Link Building would pay for itself in the first few months but it did. Our situation was extremely bad with getting listed in Top 10 Google SERPs, but thanks to your efforts our situation completely changed. Thank you.

Jeremy McMillan
Miro Technologies

Kevin Taylor
I am really impressed and thankful to you for your great job on my site. My traffic increased much higher than I thought it would. Now I can finally relax watching my sales increasing from month to month.

Kevin Taylor
Director | Netcordia

Andy Jones
I've been using www.ForumLinkBuilding.com since early 2006. I could not have enlarged my company without getting the sales into the next stage because other advertising opportunities were too expensive for my business. Forum Link Building Service was the best solution. My only regret is not starting to invest in link building services even before.

Andy Jones
Spanx | USA, Atlanta, GA

Julia Dove
I would highly recommend ForumLinkBuilding and their forum link building service.

I've retained their services on several occasions and received excellent results.  I compete for very competitive terms and their services have always resulted in a significant boost to rankings.

Julia Dove
SEO Specialist | Dasexporters

Still not sure? Feel free to check out more than 60+ Positive Client Testimonials posted on the most popular, trusted and well-known SEO & Webmaster Digital Point Forum!

All of our clients are very happy with our services:

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...ForumLinkBuilding.com is a reputed link building company, which is providing quality links for websites online from years. ForumLinkBuilding company provides high quality back links that best suit your business needs.

Forumlinkbuilding.com is one of the trusted and successful SEO companies, which is meant for building links and traffic to their clients. It is a very unique service and is completely different from other SEO companies do. This is the only service, which gives 1 year link guarantee for their links and gives assurance that the links provided by them will stay alive for 3 years. Forum Link Building Company provides back links from high quality forums that hold the Google Page Rank up to 9. This will ultimately boost up your site rankings...

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Forum Linking Building really doing to its best… I think they are the most reliable link building program these days…

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While article marketing shows results slowly, forum link building (forum marketing) continues to be a favorite of many because it is highly effective even now, super easy to perform, takes less time plus it also brings lots of traffic.

Using forum link building services is an excellent way to do this. Link building services such as this one are very professional and can definitely help you to achieve higher search engine rankings.

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    • ForumLinkBuilding and their team were a great help. The links helped us gain excellent page 1 SERP for a variety of search terms. We received a lot of useful additional information so that we felt totally informed about the whole process. Additionally, the mails we sent with our doubts were answered promptly.

      These guys know what they are doing - definitely recommended.

      Gavin Ramsey

    • Forum Posting and Yaroslav in particular have been very good to work with.

      Their communications are precise and timely.

      We have sent a few projects to them and all have been performed as promised.

      Arnie Kent

    • Yaroslav,

      I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with your link-building efforts in my behalf.

      As you know, I gave your company several jobs when I first hired you and I immediately started seeing results. One of our travel sites ranked #2 and #3 for some highly searched keywords. That was awesome!

      Unlike other companies that place emphasis on link quantity, you steadily reminded me that link placement needed to be built rightly and at a proper pace so as not to harm my existing search ranking. I am glad I listened because I steadily saw my site’s improve in the search engines.

      As you know, I am so happy I have just given you 3 more jobs and I look forward to seeing these sites improve just like the others you managed for me.

      Glen Van Wormer

    • This company is great - they are building links for my website at http://www.insurancebyjohn.com The progress isn't yet complete, but I've already seen an increase in Google search results.

      They also are very good at explaining the process. Highly recommended!

      Thank you and looking forward to seeing the final results.


    • ForumLinkBuilding have completed several projects for me and did an excellent job. It’s tough to find the right company to promote your websites using forums because if the posts are not quality they will be erased. Posts they make are of high quality and not only am I happy to have them associated with my website, but also anticipate that they will be for the most part permanent links on high quality sites. Thanks – for the great work.


    • I will vouch for this service. Excellent work.

      I have done several campaigns with them and have 2 additional in the works I am waiting to be completed.

      You will not regret using them!


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